Release 0.2.3 – Continuation

It’s week three of Hacktoberfest! Last week went pretty smoothly after I was able to find a issue to work on. This week instead of spending all that time looking for a new project to work on I decided to work on the same project. A quick recap of the project, Enterprise Policy Generator is a Firefox extension that allows enterprises to quickly and easily generate configuration files. Last week I worked on adding a policy configuration that would disable the ability to view passwords as you were typing them in. This was to make things a bit more secure by not allowing others to simply look over your shoulder and see your password. This week there was a new issue to set your browser to default to browsing in private mode.

Unlike last week I was not going into the issue blind. I had a bit of background knowledge about that project that I hoped would help me complete it faster. But even with that knowledge I knew the best strategy was to ask questions to get clarification before beginning work.

Message thread in issue discussing how to address this issue

Again the maintainer of this project was extremely helpful. If I had gone with my initial plan I would have gone down the wrong path. Thankful with the clarification that the maintainer provided I was able to add the new property to the existing Search Engine policy.

New property added to the SearchEngine policy
New property description added

In addition to the code to add the property I had to add the new description for the property. For all the languages I could not translate the message into I still had to add the default English message, these will hopefully be translated in the future by other contributors.

For my issue next week I am hoping to work on a bigger project maintained by a large company. Finding those has been a bit difficult but I am hopeful I will be able to find one.

Original Repo: cadeyrn/enterprise-policy-generator
My Fork: varshannagarajan/enterprise-policy-generator
The Issue:
My Pull Request:

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