Let’s Start Hacking!

This October I will be participating in HacktoberFest 2019! This will be the first time I will have participated in any kind of hackathon. I have always thought about joining one but never really saw a good opportunity until now.

HacktoberFest is a bit different that other events, it focuses on supporting and participating in the open source community. Over the course of the month of October each participant will be aiming to go on GitHub and fix at least 4 different issues in open source projects.

My initial thoughts are “HOW AM I GOING TO FIND 4 ISSUES I CAN FIX?!?!?!?!?!” and “WILL ANYONE EVEN WANT THE WHATEVER I CHOOSE TO DO, WILL IT BE GOOD ENOUGH?!?!?!?!?!”. Needless to say I am a bit worried, nervous and anxious about this. It will be the first time I will really be putting myself out there into open source and computer science worlds. Up till now all the code I have written, and projects I have been worked on have been in school. The only people who see them are my classmates and teachers/professors. But now everyone on the internet will be able to see what I have done and judge me.

I think laying out my goals and intentions for this project will help me calm down a bit. They are as follows:

  1. Find a project I am passionate about and have a piece of my code make it into it
  2. Try and become more comfortable with putting myself (and my code) out there and participating in communities I care about

If I am able to achieve either of these goals I will consider this HacktoberFest a major success. I know the first will be harder to achieve, just because I am able to fix a problem or resolve an issue doesn’t mean it will be accepted. But I am going to try and focusing on making the best fixes I can, and being as active as I can in the community and just see what happens.

I have also started looking at some issues I could try and resolve. Some of the ones I have been able to find are:

  1. cybersemics/em-proto Issue #76
    This issue seems like a straight forward feature request. The user is asking for someone to add a new short cut to their project. As far as a first issue to tackle this seems like something I should be able to handle.
  2. gopinath-langote/1build Issue #154
    This issue will be a bit more work than the first. The user is asking for a text banner to be printed before each command is run.
  3. intermine/wizard Issue #15
    This is another rather straight forward issue to fix. The request is to modify their ESLint configuration to ignore a certain directory.

To begin I started with some more straight forward/simple issues. Going forward through out HacktoberFest I intend on finding more substantial issues to work on.

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